Grammar Nazi Carat, caret,carrot

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so you should know that carat weight is important in buying a diamond– the more the more expensive the diamond. A caret is a term used by editors & writers like me. It is an editor’s mark, showing that a correction needs to be made. Of course, Bugs Bunny eats carrots to stay healthy.

Grammar Nazi–Amateur-Armature

You can be an amateur as opposed to a professional, usually meaning you don’t get paid as much as a professional. An amateur often means someone who is in training, not fully qualified yet.

Armature refers to part of a machine, which rotates to cause the machine to move.

These words are not interchangeable, nor are they anything close to meaning the same thing.

Glendale AZ Chocolate Affaire 2012

 Authors signing books at the Glendale AZ chocolate Affaire Feb 3-5/12. Left to right, Mary Maxie aka Patrizia Murray, Kathryne Kennedy, Darien Gerow, Tina Gerow aka Cassie Ryan. Chocolate & Romance just go together!

Cover Model Jimmy Thomas was a great draw, & had his picture taken hundreds of times with fair goers. Crowds were huge, & lineups were common. Lots of books signed/sold, lots of on line ordering information given, great venue for local authors. Plan to attend next year!