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“Come on, Freddi-with-an-I. I won’t bite. We’ll be back in half an hour, I promise. I don’t have an extra helmet, but we can stay on the back road so it should be okay if you wear mine”

Shoving her cell phone in her pocket, she said to herself, “What the hell?” and climbed on the back of the bike. Ward carefully buckled the helmet under her chin, breathing in her sweet shampoo scent.

“I haven’t been on a bike for years,” she spoke into his ear. “I have forgotten the freedom of a bike and the wind in my face. I love it!”


 Freddi soon figured out that the constant thrumming between her legs was making her panties wet. That had never happened when she rode with her father. Obviously it had something to do with the man she had her arms around too. He was lean and muscular, and his skin through the thin tee shirt was warmed by the sun. He smelled faintly like citrus, but more like virile man.

She studied the tattoos she could see from behind him, and saw that they were truly works of art. There were dragons and mythical creatures, a montage of whorls and designs, which must have taken hours to do. She wondered how he could stand the long inactivity necessary to perfect the tatts. She could smell the mossy odor of rotting leaves, and there was a faint hint of new-mown hay in the wind as well. She wondered if this Ward could sense her trembling wasn’t just due to the rumbling of the motor beneath them. She hadn’t felt a longing like this for a long time. In fact, she wasn’t sure she had ever known this instantaneous and spontaneous attraction for anyone.  Her clit was in perfect alignment with the leather seat, her body center felt as if it were melting, and her heart was pounding against the muscles of Ward’s back. She was so lost in her thoughts  and feelings that she was surprised to see they were already back at the acreage. And a good thing too. The vibrations under her crotch had very nearly given her a climax.

And wouldn’t that have been embarrassing, she thought. Having an orgasm from a motorcycle, while holding a stranger around the waist.

Ward climbed off and gave her a hand. Carefully, he removed the helmet from her head and put it on the seat. He ran his thumb around hers, and lazily made a circle on her palm. He didn’t let go of her hand. He pulled her closer to him and placed his hand on her nape, drawing her lips to his. His musky scent hypnotized her. She wet her lips, just in time for him to nip at her tongue, and thrust his own tongue toward her mouth. Their tongues dueled for a moment, touching and savoring. He tasted like the bright sunlight, and a little salty from his sweat. He tasted heavenly. She ran her tongue over his lips, tracing them, memorizing them. He responded in kind, thrusting his tongue into her sweet mouth, and dancing around her teeth and the roof of her mouth.

What am I doing? I don’t know this guy from Adam. And here we are practically making out in the middle of my yard, in front of God and anybody who happened by. Not that many people happen by, but they could.

She drew back, flustered.

He chuckled. “Well, Miss Freddi, that was certainly a pleasant ending to our ride. Can we try that again on Sunday when I come out? I’ll bring the bike back on the truck and we can ride while my friend uses his infrared equipment.”

“No, I, ah, I, um, I don’t even know you. We can’t, I shouldn’t,“ she trailed off, her face blushing furiously.

“Oh yes we can, Freddi, and we will, I promise you. You and I are going to find out lots of things about each other in the future. We’re going to find out what’s in that building over there, and we’re going to find out much, much, more about this attraction between us. I know you can feel it, and I can even smell it on you. You’re turned on, aren’t you? That big Harley between your legs made you all wet, didn’t it? Don’t be embarrassed. I’m glad you like the bike and I hope you like me too.”

With that he left her standing open-mouthed, feet glued to the ground, as he mounted the bike, gunned the motor and turned around, driving away without a backward look.

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