Review & Editing Service

Editing, Proofreading, Review Services

*Reviewer of All Genres of Novels, Novellas

  • -5 years review experience on various review sites
  • -Judge of various writing contests in multi countries
  • -I will provide a professional review of your book, suitable for use on your website, back cover of your book, or on social media, with every editing job

*Professional Writer, Editor

  • -Former Editor-in-chief of multiple publications
  • -Published Author in multiple genres
  • -Political Analyst, Cabinet Ministers’ speech writer, project originator,
  • -Editing for grammar, word usage, continuity, voice, POV, story line
  • -Editing for MBA students, including papers & theses

*Advertising Copy Writer, Ad/PR Exec.

  • -Owner of Boutique Advertising Agency
  • -Master’s certificate in Advertising
  • -Teaching business writing, news writing, Advertising proposals.
  • -Advertising & Public Relations presentations


  • -No gratuitous violence, spousal or child abuse please
  • -Only electronic submissions accepted, in format I can easily add comments.
  • -One month or less turnaround guaranteed, once accepted.
  • -Any Genre, but I reserve the right to refuse any mms.

Give me your raw manuscript & I will return it with corrections, comments, ideas, and a full professional review with a score between 1 and 5. Cost is $1.00 per page , payable by Money Order or Paypal, half in advance, half on completion. Price includes review.

Submit complete mms including cover, if possible, to