Barree’s Blades

Barree's BladesIt’s a long hard road to the Olympics for skater Barree LeDuc. When she meets Ramsey Gibbons, an arrogant bobsledder also on the road to the Olympics, they have to balance training and performance schedules, as well as the contempt each feels for the other’s sport. Ramsey thinks figure skating is too prissy and pretty to really be considered a sport, while Barree tells Ramsey that running, pushing a bobsled, then jumping in and riding to the bottom of a hill hardly constitutes any athletic endeavor. After all, she has been training for this since she was two years old. Ramsey picked up his so-called sport only a couple of years ago. How can that compare with her lifetime of training? In the meantime, sparks are flying between them off the ice, on the road to the next Olympic Games, so what are they going to do about it?

The drama increases by the addition of Gus to Barree’s performances, and you have the perfect triangle which could derail all their chances for Gold.

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