Hanna’s Hat Trick

Hanna's Hat TrickWhat happens when a self-confessed workaholic, Hanna Bowness, owns and manages a professional hockey team and is responsible for keeping the team’s ‘goon’ or ‘enforcer’ under control? Rejean Haultain is big, bad, and beautiful, and up to now, totally untamed. It’s up to Hanna to keep her team in the black, keep Rejean from beating opposition players black and blue, or hurting others to the point that her team is penalized, keep her heart from bleeding red, and to keep Rejean from serious injury or even jail. As the two skate around their desires and their jobs, as well as keeping the media out of their personal lives, and navigating the courts of public opinion in the midst of Olympic playoffs, and the Stanley Cup, is it even possible for the twain to meet? Or will Rejean’s hat tricks be relegated to the ice, and not to Hanna’s bedroom?

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